Supporting Kayak Expeditions Worldwide


I was born in the Netherlands, and grew up on the small island of Terschelling. It was there where I got in touch with the sea.

I worked for many years on fishing boats in the Netherlands and the United States (Nantucket). I traveled by bicycle, motorcycle, and other ways for many years, before finally settling down in Israel on Kibbutz Maabarot.

I'm a paddler, and keep abreast of expeditions all over the world. In order to follow expeditions, I began to research and analyze weather maps. I have developed a fine sense of how to take weather information from a variety of sources, and distill it into useful messages for kayaking and other expeditions.

I support all Terra Santa expeditions and trips with timely and accurate information on weather and sea conditions, which I forward by SMS/text message to mobile or satellite phone. I hope it makes paddling easier and safer.

I have supported many expeditions the last few years, and hope to continue so.

I can be reached at

Karel Vissel
Karel Vissel